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Jeff Fisher To St. Louis Rams Could Mean Good Things For RB Steven Jackson

The St. Louis Rams are looking forward to next season, which will be their first under new head coach Jeff Fisher. Fisher spent over 16 seasons with the Tennessee Titans, where he built a reputation as a proponent of a staunch run-first offense. That reputation will likely carry over to his new position in St. Louis, where at least one Rams running back can stand to benefit from a new style of play.

Robert Neely of the National Football Authority posted a column on Sunday where he discusses the possibilities of a reinvigorated running game under the Fisher regime. Neely points out that Fisher made superstars out of running backs Eddie George and Chris Johnson while at the helm of the Titans, both of whom turned out monster yardage for years.

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The Rams already have an incumbent yardage-producing running back in Steven Jackson, who has passed the 1,000-yard mark in each of the last seven seasons of his eight-year professional career. He's also versatile, which may also appeal to Fisher. Both George and Johnson caught their fair share of passes in Tennessee.

Jackson will be 29 in the upcoming season, as Neely points out. If his body is still up to the task, Fisher could target Jackson as the new workhorse of the St. Louis Rams in 2012. It is a safe bet that the new head coach will be taking a good long look at the veteran and seeing how the running back fits into the plans for his new team.

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