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New Rams OC Brian Schottenheimer Has "Air Coryell" St. Louis Cardinals Roots

This isn't something you get to say very often, considering the Football Cardinals' nearly total disappearance from the sports scene in the decades following their move—the St. Louis Rams' new offensive coordinator, Brian Schottenheimer, has some admittedly vague St. Louis Cardinals roots. The connection: He's considered by many to be a follower of the "Air Coryell" offense, which began in part during Don Coryell's 1970s run at Busch Stadium.

He's unlikely to prove as eccentric a follower as the iconic airborne-Rams OC, Mike Martz, but the time he spent as quarterbacks coach of the San Diego Chargers gives him no small amount of credibility for fans of a more complex, risky offense.

Which is good news, unless you're still steaming over Pat Shurmur's departure from the Rams following The Year of Danny Amendola Catching Three Yard Tosses. The Rams have been a lot of terrible things during their time in the wilderness, but I'd hate for them to add "boring on offense" to that list on a semi-permanent basis.