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2012 NFL Mock Draft: St. Louis Rams, Washington Redskins In Robert Griffin Trade Action

The St. Louis Rams have been put in the enviable position of having to decide between drafting a player they'd like—Matt Kalil, Rams Offensive Tackle of the Future of the Future—and trading the number-two-overall pick of the draft to someone who wants Robert Griffin III much more than they do. Here, from, is one more 2012 NFL Mock Draft that chooses to make that trade, sending him to the Washington Redskins for the sixth overall pick, a second rounder, another first rounder, and "perhaps a third rounder."

That's a lot of picks, although the Rams—who need to get Sam Bradford on track as soon as possible, and who remain the subjects of a possible relocation if they can't reenergize the fanbase quickly enough in the Jeff Fisher era—might be less than pleased with the somewhat delayed reaction of getting their additional first rounder in 2013.

Perhaps less pleasantly still: The mock choice for the Rams at six is a running back, Trent Richardson, to split carries with and eventually replace Steven Jackson. The Rams definitely need to consider their succession plan at running back, but using their first rounder on a player at the one position they don't need to improve for 2013 isn't quite the recipe for getting the Edward Jones Dome jumping.