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NFL Draft 2012: Justin Blackmon Rated 'Clear #1 WR' — May Go To Rams

The St. Louis Rams (2-14) enter the 2012 season and 2012 NFL Draft with a new head coach in Jeff Fisher and a new hope for improvement. With the second overall pick in the draft, they also have a chance at getting a new playmaker for the roster.

According to many recent mock drafts, the Rams are widely expected to take either RG Matt Kalil or dynamic WR Justin Blackmon. With the Indianapolis Colts picking #1 overall and likely to take Stanford Cardinal QB Andrew Luck, the Rams have the difficult choice between the two top prospects.

Well, yet another ranking has given credence to Mel Kiper's expectation the Rams will take Blackmon. The analysts at Mocking the Draft have rated the 2012 wide reciever class and Justin Blackmon has come out on top again:

1. Justin Blackmon, Oklahoma State – Blackmon has emerged as the clear #1 WR in this draft and should be a top 5 draft pick come April. The Vikings, Rams, and Browns will target him from 2 through 4.

So if the Rams do not get him, the Minnesota Vikings or Cleveland Browns will. This adds extra leverage for the Rams leadership who are suspected to have an interest in trading down in the draft to pick QB Robert Griffin III from the Baylor Bears.

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