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St. Louis Rams, New England Patriots' London Excursion Perfect For Fans Of Dry, Bitter Comedy

So: The St. Louis Rams and the New England Patriots will be playing next year in London, part of the NFL International Series, and the first of three consecutive years in which the Rams will be a part of the futile continued attempt to port American football to England. For fans of bitter, dry British comedy—I'm an American-Office man, myself—the Rams and the Patriots should be just about perfect, representing as that matchup does the moment in which the Rams' mini-dynasty was permanently ruined by a bunch of guys who could have just waited a year, already.


So while I have Super Bowl and SummerSlam flashbacks—my only connection to the original Wembley Stadium is that the WWF periodically held events there, and I bought them on VHS afterward—the Rams get to begin their slow move away from the Edward Jones Dome, which is so old that Stan Kroenke is probably worried about it falling apart in the middle of a game and killing Sam Bradford because Jason Smith is in the back playing Call of Duty.