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2012 NFL Mock Draft: St. Louis Rams Take Justin Blackmon In Cleveland Browns Tie-Up

2012 NFL Mock Draft fiends have been connecting Justin Blackmon to the St. Louis Rams since—well, since they were 2011 mock draft fiends. With the Rams all the way up at second overall they’ve had to be a little more creative than they used to be, but thanks to the Cleveland Browns’ need for a franchise quarterback—say, Robert Griffin III—and more sensible fourth-overall pick, SB Nation’s latest mock draft has successfully made that happen.

The trade, in this mock scenario, involves the Rams sending their second-overall pick to the Browns for their No. 4 and the No. 22 they got from the Atlanta Falcons in last year’s Julio Jones blockbuster. (Which only seems fitting, considering how popular Julio Jones was as a Rams pick before he zoomed forward after the NFL Combine.) The Browns get their franchise quarterback, and the Rams get two big pieces for their own Sam Bradford—Blackmon, a play-making receiver, and OT Jonathan Martin, who could keep Bradford from getting killed on a regular basis.