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2012 NFL Mock Draft: St. Louis Rams' Robert Griffin III Trade Nets Cleveland Browns' Picks

The St. Louis Rams weren't quite terrible enough to get Andrew Luck, but their number-two overall position leaves them with just enough slack to trade their pick for top 2012 NFL Mock Draft target Robert Griffin III. In the latest SB Nation mock draft, the Rams and the Cleveland Browns tie up, with the Browns grabbing Griffin to replace Colt McCoy in exchange for their own number-four pick and the 22nd-overall pick they took in last year's Julio Jones trade. The Rams, in this case, get the best of both worlds: Justin Blackmon, a star receiver for Sam Bradford, at fourth overall, and Jonathan Martin, the Stanford OT, to protect Bradford at 22.

Mock drafter Ryan Van Bibber—in another life the editor of Turf Show Times—notes that the Browns' "organizational arrogance" could keep something ostensibly sensible like this from happening, if Pat Shurmur and company are ready to continue relying on Colt McCoy. But if they want to build the franchise on a big name, they could do much worse than Robert Griffin III—and if they don't trade with the Rams, they will.