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2012 NFL Mock Draft Player Capsules: Jonathan Martin

When you fill out your 2012 NFL Mock Draft, feel free to drop in this bit of easily available trivia: Offensive tackle Jonathan Martin, one of the top choices after Matt Kalil in this year's class, is probably the only Stanford-educated Classics major you're likely to find protecting Sam Bradford on any set of mock-Rams. A popular choice in scenarios where the Rams trade Robert Griffin III for multiple picks, Martin, a six-six, 306 pound junior, made his decision to go pro on January 3 after three years of protecting Andrew Luck.

OTs are need-driven acquisitions, though, and nobody's quite sure where Martin will fall come draft day—early SB Nation mock drafts had him falling out of the top 20, while Mocking the Draft and others had him unlikely to fall out of the Top 10.

Whatever happens—and whether they cut Jason Smith or not—the Rams need an offensive tackle. And if they pass on Kalil, the consensus number one in this draft class, Martin is the first one they'll have to choose from.

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