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NFL Rumors 2012: Well, Lee Evans Will Probably Be A Free Agent

I'm not sure the St. Louis Rams, less than a season removed from the Mike Sims-Walker debacle, are ready to bring in yet another second-tier veteran wide receiver to attempt to stabilize Sam Bradford's options downfield, but if they want somebody whose value is suddenly a lot lower than it was last week they could do worse than Lee Evans, seeing as it doesn't take an NFL rumors expert to guess that he could be on his way out with the not-entirely-satisfied Baltimore Ravens.

Evans missed most of the regular season in 2011, but he'd looked pretty good in the playoffs before that awful last-minute drop, and the 31-year-old spent several years as a solid option for a Buffalo Bills team that could never find anybody to throw the ball his way.

In any case, some team is likely to pull the trigger, and the good news for Evans if he goes to the Rams is that he's unlikely to have the weight of a Super Bowl near-miss on his shoulders in the first year of the Jeff Fisher administration...