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NFL Rumors: Peyton Manning Could Solve Seahawks Or Cardinals Quarterback Problems

This time last year—awash in the glow of a near-playoff-appearance and the impossibly bright future of the Sam Bradford-led St. Louis Rams—we watched as, elsewhere in the NFC West, the Seattle Seahawks and the Arizona Cardinals attempted to fill their quarterback spot with Tarvaris Jackson and the slightly more popular Kevin Kolb. Through year one, neither result's been ideal, which means it's time for another round of quarterback speculation in the division—this time with the added bonus of Peyton Manning, who could be on his way out of Indianapolis with the Colts set to select Andrew Luck.


There are a lot of questions surrounding Manning as he recovers from neck problems, but I'm willing to go out on the limb that says he's better than Tarvaris Jackson and Kevin Kolb. That's just one more thing for the Rams to worry about as they attempt their own perennial rebuilding project—the new coach, new philosophy, new team routine, while Steven Jackson sits around and tries not to roll his eyes.