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Gregg Williams Vows To "Change" Culture In St. Louis

In his first interview since being named defensive coordinator of the St. Louis Rams, Gregg Williams pledged to bring a "culture change" to his new team. While being careful not to put down ex-head coach Steve Spagnuolo, Williams insinuated that he believes the Rams defense, and franchise, needs some external motivation.

"I’m going to do everything in the world to put as much external stress on the staff and the players as I can," he said. "You’ll hear a lot of hollering and screaming, and a lot of intensity come out of me. But on game day you’ll never see that because those players and those coaches that are working in those stressful conditions, they don’t need any more external stress."

(via Pro Football Talk)

Whether Williams' tactics will work remains to be seen, but there's certainly not many places the team can go but up.

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