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Pro Bowl 2012: A List Of Players I Thought Sam Bradford Would Beat To The Roster

In honor of the 2012 Pro Bowl, a list of players for which I thought Sam Bradford might, at the start of the season, earn said honor.

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The 2012 Pro Bowl score is out—59-41 Bad Guys—and the NFC roster has reminded me that the St. Louis Rams' absence at Aloha Stadium was not always predestined. At one point I thought that even Sam Bradford—freed from the shackles of the Pat Shurmur-ized offense—would sneak his way onto a roster. What follows: A list of players I thought Bradford might beat onto the Pro Bowl roster.

Andy Dalton; Willis McGahee; A.J. Green; Cam Newton; Marshawn Lynch; Steve Smith; several of the nine San Francisco 49ers who managed to make it onto the roster, let alone the five Seattle Seahawks or, for good matter, the three Arizona Cardinals.

More plausible: The seven Green Bay Packers.

The real tragedy, of course, is that Donnie Jones is still a Pro Bowl zero, after five St. Louis years averaging 46 yards per punt. If anything might properly commemorate the Rams' offense in 2011, it would be Donnie Jones's permanent enshrinement into the ranks of the punter immortals.