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2012 NFL Mock Draft Player Capsule: Robert Griffin III

Terrible news: The St. Louis Rams were just barely good enough, in 2011, to win the 2012 NFL Mock Draft Wild Card Sweepstakes and have the chance to trade Andrew Luck for a million picks and players who aren't blocked by Sam Bradford. The consolation prize won the Heisman Trophy, if that's any consolation, and depending on Robert Griffin's draft stock come April the Rams could end up trading a monster quarterback prospect for pieces to help their existing monster quarterback prospect after all.

WalterFootball's latest mock draft has the Cleveland Browns taking Griffin at fourth, but the eponymous Walter suggests they'd probably have to move up to select the quarterback of their dreams—and that the Washington Redskins, Miami Dolphins, and Seattle Seahawks could all be similarly interested. The haul for Griffin won't be quite so obscene as for Luck—that enormous golden Stan Kroenke idol will have to be put back into shortage.

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