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Rams Coaching Search: A Look At What Jeff Fisher Would Bring To The St. Louis Rams

Former Tennessee Titans head coach Jeff Fisher is back in the mix to become an NFL head coach for the 2012-13 NFL season, and has narrowed his list down to two teams: the St. Louis Rams and Miami Dolphins. The most recent reports suggest that Fisher is "on the verge" of signing on with the Rams, but it is still possibly the Dolphins present an offer Fisher cannot refuse in the next few days. Even so, it appears the Rams have made Fisher their top target and are the current front-runners for his services. Therefore, the staff at Turf Show Times, SB Nation's St. Louis Rams blog, decided to take a closer look at what Jeff Fisher would bring to the franchise. Here is a bit of that analysis:

1. Experience

This has to be number one. As stated above, the last two Rams head coaches were rookies, and look how that panned out. Fisher has 17 years head coaching experience. Yes, 17 years.

Even though one would argue his overall win % isn't that impressive (.542) you have to keep in mind that in his first 3 seasons when the Titans were the Houston Oilers, it has been said that they were in shambles during the transition.. they didn't have a decent practice facility (played on mud basically) and were holding meetings in trailers.

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3. Pedigree

Even though I hate this word because it sounds like i'm talking about dog food, I guess it's the only one I can think of. Fisher has some serious experience working under some of the top head coaches in NFL history.

In 1985 he was an assistant defensive coach to one Buddy Ryan in Chicago. "Da... Bears!". When Ryan left the Bears to coach the Eagles after winning the Superbowl, Fisher went with him and became the Eagles defensive backs coach.

In 1988 Fisher was promoted to defensive coordinator at the young age of 30. In 1989 the Eagles defense led the NFL in interceptions (30) and sacks (62). In 1991 he worked under John Robinson as the Rams defensive coordinator, and the next two seasons he worked as defensive backs coach for the Niners.

Uhhh Bill Walsh / George Seifert anyone?

For the complete list and an in-depth breakdown on what adding the veteran head coach would mean for the franchise, be sure to check out the rest of the article on Turf Show Times.

Stay tuned to SB Nation St. Louis for more information, and for in-depth analysis on the St. Louis Rams be sure to visit Turf Show Times. Visit SB Nation NFL for more news and notes around the league.