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Jeff Fisher Pegs St. Louis Rams' Los Angeles Problem As Coaching Decision Nears

The St. Louis Rams look closer than ever to selecting Jeff Fisher as their next head coach, but the former Houston Oilers coach might have done more to ingratiate Rams fans than his coaching record ever could when Jim Thomas of the Post-Dispatch tweeted about his concerns over the Rams' potential move back to Los Angeles. Finally, a head coach who is as terrified of the Rams' medium-term future in St. Louis as St. Louisans are!

Unfortunately for Fisher and Rams fans, the coaching job doesn't come with the ability to renegotiate the Rams' lease at the Edward Jones Dome, or roll back the decades of absurd public-funding largesse that have cost the EJD nearly all of its value as a professional football stadium in less than 20 years. The St. Louis Rams might or might not have a future in Missouri, no matter who signs on to replace Steve Spagnuolo as head coach. But it's looking increasingly unlikely that these concerns, for all their obvious legitimacy, will keep Fisher from joining the Los Angeles Titans in 2012.

Or maybe I've already said too much?