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Aaron Rodgers nearly perfect for Green Bay Packers vs. St. Louis Rams

Aaron Rodgers isn't perfect, but Sunday afternoon he played about as close to it as quarterbacks can get. Despite a first half in which the St. Louis Rams' primary gameplan was to keep the Green Bay Packers quarterback off the field, Rodgers finished 30-for-37 with 342 yards and three touchdowns in the Packers' 30-20 win at the Edward Jones Dome. If you like QB rating, for some reason, that's 132.2, where the score tops out at 158.3.

The Rams' pass defense is much improved over 2011's model, and nobody's going to accuse Cortland Finnegan of being an easy mark for the average opposing quarterback. We've gotten used, as Rams fans, to the team shutting down quarterbacks and then letting the running backs roam free.

Rodgers is so good, and the Packers so dependent on him, that the equation flipped. The Rams kept the Packers' ground game from even starting—starter Alex Green finished with 20 carries for 35 yards. But there wasn't anything they could do about Aaron Rodgers, and by the time he had control of the game's momentum things were just about over.