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Brandon Gibson, Chris Givens pace St. Louis Rams receiving with Danny Amendola injured

Sam Bradford and the St. Louis Rams have turned to rookie Chris Givens and veteran Brandon Gibson with Danny Amendola out for a month.

David Welker

Danny Amendola's injury left St. Louis Rams fans wondering just who Sam Bradford would be throwing to, and two weeks after he left their win over the Arizona Cardinals with a not-quite-a-collarbone injury, they have some idea: Multiple receivers. Brandon Gibson has taken the bulk of the receptions, with Chris Givens emerging as a dangerous downfield option, but everyone not named Amendola—even invisible rookie Brian Quick and invisible veteran Steve Smith—has taken advantage.

Brandon Gibson's been targeted 16 times in the two full games since Amendola went out, and he's caught 12 of them for 151 yards. Chris Givens, the Rams' inefficient but exciting rookie home run threat, has caught six balls out of 12 since the injury, and two 50-plus yard receptions mean he's gotten 158 yards out of the deal.

Even [Giants] Steve Smith had his most-used game of the season on Sunday, though the results were less than exhilarating. He caught four passes on six targets, for all of 26 yards.

The Rams are going to continue to miss Danny Amendola, but his absence has meant big opportunities for the rest of the team's mostly anonymous receiving corps.