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Packers vs. Rams 2012: St. Louis defense exposed by Green Bay adjustments

The Green Bay Packers found the secret to exposing the Rams defense on Sunday using halftime adjustments.

David Welker

The St. Louis Rams couldn't pull off the upset on Sunday against the Green Bay Packers, losing 30-20. St. Louis was in the game for most of the first half, holding the Packers to 10 points at halftime. Unfortunately, Aaron Rodgers and the rest of the Packers' offense turned it on full throttle in the second half and the Rams couldn't keep up, falling behind more and more as the game went on.

According to St. Louis blog Turf Show Times, the halftime adjustments that the Packers made were what turned the game on its head, as they found the formula to beat up the young Rams defense. The formula? Allow Aaron Rodgers to utilize quick passing routes to leave the secondary exposed:

Instead of deep outs and 15-20 yard crossing patterns, the Packers switched to quick dump offs, comeback routes, screens, draws and the like, to take Quinn and Long out of the game.

Yes the Rams' defense played admirably, but they had no answer to defend this style. By taking Long and Quinn out of the game, the pressure clearly got placed on the Rams secondary. Rookie Janoris Jenkins once again had on the rookie stripe and gave up some big plays, particularly in the red zone. Bradley Fletcher well... played like Bradley Fletcher.

The Rams will have a chance to face off against another elite offense next Sunday when they host the New England Patriots.