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NFL Power Rankings 2012: Rams falling after back-to-back losses

A 30-20 loss to the Packers was a second consecutive loss for the Rams and dropped them to as low as No. 27 in power rankings.

David Welker

With back-to-back losses, the promising season for the St. Louis Rams has headed in the wrong direction recently and they now are the sole inhabitants of the NFC West's last place slot. With a 30-20 loss to the Packers, the Rams dropped two more spots in SB Nation's newest power rankings from Ryan Van Bibber.

27. St. Louis Rams (LW: 25, 3-4): Jeff Fisher has turned this team into something other than the same old Rams, but he still has a long, long way to go. Fans there are starting to wonder if they have the quarterback they need to complete the project.

The ranking is an especially low one for the Rams though, as most other power rankings have the team outside the league's bottom 10 teams. With three wins, there are eight teams with fewer wins than the Rams and in MJD's power rankings for Yahoo, he places St. Louis ahead of all of them along with others to give the Rams the No. 19 spot.

They're not an easy out anymore, which is really pretty encouraging, considering how much room they have to improve the roster. They started two offensive linemen this week who had never started a game before. And they were competitive. They should be that the rest of the way.

The No. 19 ranking more closely resembles the opinion of other rankings as well, including ESPN's, although they place the Rams a little lower than Yahoo, giving them the No. 21 spot. Were they able to cause more turnovers, Mike Sando thinks they'd be higher on the rankings.

The Rams need turnovers but have only one opponent's fumble recovery this season. (Sando)

In Week 8, the Rams will play host to the New England Patriots, Van Bibber's No. 7 team.