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Isaiah Pead finally cracks the St. Louis Rams offense—in garbage time

The St. Louis Rams finally got second-round pick Isaiah Pead his second, third, and fourth career carries. Unfortunately, they came in garbage time.

Scott Heavey

Eight weeks into the St. Louis Rams' season, second-round draft pick and erstwhile running back of the future Isaiah Pead finally got his second career carry. Unfortunately for him, it came when the Rams were down 45-7 to the New England Patriots. He made the most of his one drive as starting halfback, carrying the ball three times for 32 yards, but even as Steven Jackson appears to be on his way out Pead finds himself so far down the depth chart that only Tom Brady can get him carries.

The Jackson trade rumors are bittersweet news for Pead; in the offseason he was the one whose mere presence had fantasy football players terrified about Jackson's future. His exceptionally bad preseason and Daryl Richardson's good one changed all that. Now he's a rare sight even on special teams, where he's failed to win the kick return job.

If Jackson goes, obviously, Pead will find himself in the offense whether he's ready or not, and once he's getting consistent carries in situations where Kellen Clemens isn't in at quarterback things could change fast; Richardson is hardly more secure in his job than Pead was in the preseason.

Right now, though, he's in the unpleasant position of being a surprise guest star in the Rams' offense. Few are surprised that Steven Jackson might be traded this year, but nobody expected Isaiah Pead to have nothing to do it.