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Rams vs. Cardinals: Greg Zuerlein christens Thursday Night Football with a 53-yard "chip shot"

Greg Zuerlein might, against all odds, be the most famous St. Louis Rams player in the country right now. He's certainly a national figure after his 60-yarder against the Seahawks, and in the Rams' Thursday Night Football matchup with the Arizona Cardinals the national broadcasters were already old hands at Zuerlein-mania. The Rams, looking to put some second-quarter points on the board after Danny Amendola dropped a third-down bullet from Sam Bradford, sent Greg the Leg out for his first attempt of the night from 53 yards away.

"A chip shot," the broadcasters said. At this point the national media seems to have deemed it a foregone conclusion that Zuerlein will go for the all-time distance record at least once this year—which would feel like added pressure, I guess, if Rams fans hadn't felt that way since sometime early in the preseason.

As it turned out, it was a chip shot—Zuerlein unleashed a booming kick through the middle of the uprights, and the Rams were up 10-3. In general it's never a good thing if a special teams guy is the face of your offense. But for Greg Zuerlein, the Rams might have to make an exception.