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Danny Amendola injury could cost the St. Louis Rams' leading receiver 6 weeks

Things were still nebulous Friday morning, but as the dust settles over the St. Louis Rams' big win over the Arizona Cardinals and the Thursday Night Football set is packed up and driven away, Danny Amendola's apparent collarbone injury has started to sink in. Back in 2011 a Danny Amendola injury—well, it probably didn't cause the Rams' astonishing offensive dysfunction, but it was certainly the earliest sign of it. If it's a broken collarbone, Amendola could miss up to six weeks.

If you're not willing to accept that yet—well, Turf Show Times has some possibly good news. Jim Thomas of the Post-Dispatch tweeted Thursday night that the Rams were bringing Amendola back in for further tests on Friday, and it sounds like a broken collarbone isn't the only possible outcome. If that's the case, the Rams—who already just missed a season-ending neck injury to Rodger Saffold—could have dodged another bullet.

If that's not the case—and thus far the slim evidence and piles of conjecture suggest a broken collarbone is the most likely scenario—the Rams are going to have to hope that Steve Smith can finally make an impact, or at least make the active roster.