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Steven Jackson has best fantasy football day yet Thursday

After four lackluster weeks to start the season, Steven Jackson finally started to look like his old self on Thursday, to the delight of his Fantasy Football owners

Scott Rovak-US PRESSWIRE - Presswire

Rams running back Steven Jackson was one of the highest-picked players on average around the NFL in fantasy leagues, the 11th most popular running back according to a preseason draft ranking. Anyone who picked him up that early was certainly disappointed by the lackluster showing that the star had in the first few weeks of play, where he put up stats like this:

Rams vs. Lions: 21 attempts, 53 yards
Rams vs. Redskins: Nine attempts, 58 yards
Rams vs. Bears: 11 attempts, 29 yards
Rams vs. Seahawks:18 attempts, 55 yards

Finally, for those who dared to start him after those first four weeks, he put up a much more solid performance for his fantasy owners in Week 5 against the Cardinals on Thursday Night Football. The Rams star looked more like his old self, rushing for a season-best 76 yards on 18 carries.

The worries from his owners that he would be usurped by Daryl Richardson will probably die down as well, though Richardson did get nine carries for 35 yards in the Rams win. If he can keep up the pace he showed Thursday, it should probably be safe to keep Jackson out of the doghouse, at the very least.