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Seahawks vs. Panthers score: 2 Russell Wilson interceptions put Panthers up 10-6

Russell Wilson was nearly perfect in the first half, but a Carolina Panthers Pick-6 set the tone early in the third quarter. They lead by a score of 10-6 over the Seattle Seahawks, who could fall to last in the NFC West with a loss.

Scott Kane-US PRESSWIRE - Presswire

The Seattle Seahawks took a 6-3 lead into halftime of their highly unconventional game vs. the Carolina Panthers. Marshawn Lynch and Cam Newton? Non-factors. Russell Wilson? Nearly perfect as a game manager, 12-for-13 for 123 yards. Things got conventional quickly in the second half. Wilson threw a Pick 6 to open the third quarter, and did it again two-and-a-half minutes into the Seahawks' next drive. Now the Panthers lead 10-6, and the Seahawks have to hope that Cam Newton puts together two awful halves in a row.

The good news for them—and not for the St. Louis Rams, watching now to see if the Seahawks will fall to 2-3 and last in the NFC West—is that Newton was pretty bad in the first half. He ended things 3-for-15 for 40 yards, and if he was a little better on the ground, nobody had much offensive continuity on account of those 12 incomplete passes.

Newton and the Panthers were unable to take advantage of that second interception, but given the way the offenses are performing right now it looks like four points might be an insurmountable lead for both of these teams, unless there's another Pick 6.