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St. Louis Rams Real Talk: Week 5

The St. Louis Rams have a winning record for the first time since 2006? Even NFL Jesus is getting involved now. This is going to be BIG, people. BIG.

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Let's say you start abstaining from something you love.

Starting right now, no more beer or chocolate or sex or whatever you really love for a few years. When the time comes, and you can finally have a taste of what you've been craving all that time, it's going to be awesome.

The St. Louis Rams haven't had a meaningful game this late (Yes, as late as the first week of October) in years. 2010 kind of counts, I guess. But other than that, it's been the better part of a decade since there was something to get fired up about in the Edward Jones Dome. And I totally forgot that bland dump could actually be a fun place to watch a game when the Rams are good.

I stood for more than half the game and wasn't told to sit down once. I actually had to time beer runs to minimize the amount of game-action missed. Random high-fives during big plays were offered.

It. Was. Awesome.

I'm voting for more of these. Many more of these.

And we thought the Rams offensive line was bad.

Ken Whisenhunt petitioned the NFL this week to allow the Cardinals to to forgo having an offensive line and just force the defense to wait until '4 Mississippi' before rushing.

Nine sacks? NINE? These are the kind of games that GMs get pissed about. Publicly Les Snead is supportive, but if Robert Quinn's agent brings this game up in contract negotiations, he's going to have to swat that shit.

Have a little pride, Arizona. Maybe Tommy Kelly wasn't right in the pre-season, but at this point, if Kevin Kolb is getting scared, I don't think anyone can blame him.

Giving up three points. That'll do.

We all knew Arizona was a soft 4-0 and were due to come back to Earth. It just kind of felt that way, and Vegas proved it out by dropping the line from -3 to -1 or less in some places before kickoff.

But you hold any NFL team to 3 points, it's something to beat your chest about. This defense has done a 180 from the past...uh....well.... forever. Dare I say we even TRUST them in big situations? (Side note: I just stared at that line for several seconds deciding if I should leave it in.)

Oh, Danny boy.

Immediately after the game the Rams were pretty cagey about Amendola's injury, not ready to write him off for an extended period of time.

I don't have many reads on tells. Not something I'm all that good at. But when a player that's pretty even-keel edstarts whipping his helmet into a wall like he's channeling the ghost of Kyle Turley, then I'm pretty sure whatever body part is in question is jacked.

Sure enough, he's out for at least the next six weeks. Meaning the rest of the NFL will finally have a chance to catch their breath playing against the Rams offense.

Hi. Yo.

Uh, oh. Did someone say "game manager"?

The ultimate backhanded compliment for any NFL QB. No, no Sam... we love you. You're awesome. Just go out there and DON'T FUCK THIS UP. Seriously, though. We will totally have some new packages for you next week.

Bradford went 7-for-21 for 141 yards with a QBR of 69.7. He had two touchdowns and another two nice deep balls. But the Rams weren't going out of their way to get exotic with anything Thursday night. In fact, from my seats, it almost looked a little—GASP—Alex Smith-ish out there.

Hey, he was a top overall pick back in the day, too.

Twitter Reacts:


Looks like it's official: the nickname is going to be Legatron. I'm OK with this, actually. The leader after the pre-season was 'Greg The Leg' and that nickname was just shit. We were pushing for 'The Big Zexy Foot' or some variation. Legatron is fine though. If SportsCenter is pimping it, that's where we're going, like it or not.


Did someone say 'game manager'? I think I heard that somewhere.


Well NFL Jesus is blessing the Rams. We're as good as gold.


Hmm. Nevermind.


Sad face. It's OK Doug. You'll be all right. Let's do this again. November 25th work for you?

Record: 3-2

Real Meter: (Where we project the Rams win total for the year): 8