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Danny Amendola injury: St. Louis Rams receiver back vs. 49ers, (almost) definitely

The St. Louis Rams are almost certain to get Danny Amendola back against the San Francisco 49ers, which is why they're calling him "questionable."

Dilip Vishwanat

Jeff Fisher and the St. Louis Rams have played their Danny Amendola injury reports close to the vest ever since he hurt his collarbone against the Arizona Cardinals, and he's listed as "questionable" going into their Week 10 game against the San Francisco 49ers. Note: He's probably not questionable. Your first clue should have been that he was questionable two weeks ago, before the Rams' bye week, and just missed playing against the Patriots.

Your second clue should have been that the lede to Dan O'Neill's gameday article about Danny Amendola is how he insists he can dunk a basketball, despite being slot-receiver-sized. Amendola, of course, is permanently optimistic about his own health, declaring himself ready-to-go on multiple occasions in 2011 despite eventually ending up on injured reserve. But the dunking lede—that's not the kind of story you write if you're worried about the Rams' top wide receiver playing in their road game against the NFC West's top team.

It is, though, the kind of story you write if the Rams continue to refuse to release their injury report without FOIA requests. Danny Amendola is, perhaps technically, a gametime decision. But Dan O'Neill, at least, seems pretty sure that Amendola will be 360-dunking on Frank Gore at some point Sunday afternoon.