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Danny Amendola injury: St. Louis Rams receiver leaves game vs. 49ers

St. Louis Rams wide receiver Danny Amendola's injury problems continue in his first game back vs. the San Francisco 49ers, but early reports suggest he'll be back for the second half.

Jamie Squire

The St. Louis Rams may have dodged a bullet with another Danny Amendola injury in their Week 10 matchup with the San Francisco 49ers Sunday afternoon. Their injury-prone top receiver left his first game back from collarbone problems during the Rams' penultimate offensive drive of the first half, but word at halftime suggested he'd be back for the third quarter. In the meantime, the Rams replaced him—on offense and in special teams—with second-year reserve Austin Pettis.

The Rams hadn't had Amendola since Week 5 against the Arizona Cardinals, when he left with the collarbone injury after catching one ball for 44 yards, and their offense had suffered as a result. He caught two balls for 20 yards in the first quarter against the 49ers; on the season he's got 34 receptions for 315 yards and two touchdowns, all of which are team leads despite his lack of playing time.

The 49ers have already lost a player, themselves—Alex Smith left with a concussion in the second quarter after a vicious hit from Jo-Lonn Dunbar left him woozy. Danny Amendola's set to return, but the 49ers will be stuck with Colin Kaepernick for the duration.