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49ers vs. Rams score update: Colin Kaepernick puts San Francisco within 3 with touchdown run

The San Francisco 49ers have come back to life under backup quarterback Colin Kaepernick.

Ralph Freso

After the San Francisco 49ers lost Alex Smith to a concussion just before halftime things looked grim, but the St. Louis Rams' lead had evaporated to 17-14 Sunday when backup Colin Kaepernick ran in the Niners' second touchdown of the afternoon midway through the fourth quarter.

It's been a fine game for Kaepernick, who after the touchdown sits at 7-for-12 for 81 yards through the air and with four carries for 21 yards and the touchdown on the ground. Already the Niners' gadget option at the position, he's shown exactly how raw he is, fumbling twice and scrubbing some potential passes with his own indecision, but so far, at least, it hasn't much mattered.

With Smith out for the rest of the game and the Rams fumbling on the ensuing kick return, Kaepernick has every chance to put the 49ers on top and make his mark of the NFC West leaders' season. He probably won't do it much like Alex Smith would, but the 49ers have proven exceptionally resilient to the change in offensive profiles so far.