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Rams vs. 49ers score update: Sam Bradford uses fake punts, Danny Amendola to regain the lead late

Sam Bradford and the St. Louis Rams came back from a brutal fumble in the fourth quarter to drive downfield for their third touchdown. With a minute to go they lead the San Francisco 49ers 24-21.

Thearon W. Henderson

The St. Louis Rams used their second fake punt of the afternoon and a touchdown pass from Sam Bradford to No. 1 receiver Danny Amendola's understudy, Austin Pettis, to recover from an impossibly brutal kick return fumble from Isaiah Pead and regain a 24-21 lead with a minute left in their game against NFC West leaders the San Francisco 49ers.

If punter Johnny Hekker was the unexpected centerpiece of the Rams' offense, Danny Amendola was the obvious focal point for Sam Bradford. Coming up just short of the end zone on his last reception, he finished the drive (and possibly his first game back after his collarbone injury) with nine receptions for 87 yards, looking every bit like his injury was the reason for the Rams' offensive malaise after their win over the Arizona Cardinals.

Sam Bradford, who had little to show for most of the third and fourth quarters, put together a big drive everything on the line. He's 19-for-28 with 201 yards and the two touchdowns, a solid performance after he came unmoored against the Green Bay Packers and the New England Patriots.