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Rams vs. 49ers: St. Louis returns home after an inexplicable tie game

The St. Louis Rams tied the San Francisco 49ers on Sunday, opening up a third column in Week 10. What comes next?

Brian Bahr

The St. Louis Rams and the San Francisco 49ers each tried, for five quarters on Sunday, to lose their Week 10 matchup to each other. But after Chris Long sacked Colin Kaepernick, and Aldon Smith sacked Sam Bradford, it turned out neither team could quite manage it. So what happens now that nobody wins?

Kind-of-winners: Sam Bradford, Danny Amendola, and Steven Jackson—the big three skill players on the Rams' 2012 roster—each had fine games. Sam Bradford threw two touchdowns and finished with 275 yards through the air; Jackson made 29 carries for 101 yards and looked revived by the bye week; Amendola caught 11 balls on 12 targets in his return from injury, and had an 80-yard bomb called back that would have almost guaranteed a Rams win.

Well, most of the time it would have guaranteed a Rams win. I don't think any team was meant to win that game.

Kind-of-losers: Jeff Fisher, Isaiah Pead. Fisher has to figure out why this team keeps making stupid mental mistakes, and Isaiah Pead made a stupid mental mistake, fumbling a kick return after the 49ers scored to put the game within three points.

Next week the Rams will have Chris Givens and Janoris Jenkins—deactivated before Sunday's game for team rule violations—back, and they'll be playing the snakebitten New York Jets. After coming just short against the 49ers, I'd say that game is a must-tie.