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New York Jets' Tim Tebow soap opera rolls into St. Louis after Mark Sanchez meltdown

The New York Jets' Tim Tebow problem became acute on Sunday, which means Week 11's visit to the Edward Jones Dome could be even more ridiculous than St. Louis Rams fans expected.

Kevin Casey

The New York Jets finally did it—they finally put Tim Tebow in as more than just a glorified running back. Tebow played multiple downs and threw some passes, for a change, in Sunday's loss to the Seattle Seahawks, and despite Mark Sanchez's terrible day they declared afterward that he was still the starter, and Tebow still the enormously popular reserve. And that is the enormously unstable situation that football's Kardashians will ride into Week 11's matchup against the St. Louis Rams.

Which means that the Rams' return to St. Louis—after their own bizarre Sunday situation and a not-really-a-home-game in London—won't be a normal homecoming. It'll be a homecoming swollen by Tebowmania, and the relentless whir of news outlets (this one included!) trying desperately to make the question of whether one mediocre young quarterback might be replaced by another into a huge social concern.

It's not, but that's the sort of thing football fans talk about during the week, since they can't talk about football. This will only effect the Rams inasmuch as there remains a slight chance that the Jets do choose to start Tebow, and that the resulting news-bomb flattens the dome and makes all our infighting about stadium renovations completely unnecessary.