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St. Louis Rams' offensive line lurches closer to completion with Rodger Saffold's return

Rodger Saffold returned to the St. Louis Rams' offensive line on Sunday. Now only Scott Wells remains to complete the set.


The St. Louis Rams' offensive line came one step closer to looking like we thought it would in the preseason during Sunday's tie, when offensive tackle Rodger Saffold returned to action for the first time since Week 2. Despite his disappointing 2011, Saffold remains the Rams' best hope for keeping Sam Bradford safe for the remainder of this season. That leaves one offensive lineman left for the Rams to hope on in 2012: Scott Wells, their free agent center who's missed every game since Week 1 after signing a four year deal worth $24 million.

Wells is back participating in practice, and the Rams have until Week 12 to activate him under the terms of the new injured reserve rule. Which is good, because according to Pro Football Weekly the Rams will probably wait until Week 12 to activate him. (That link has an autoplay video ad with audio, so headphones on.)

With Wells and Saffold back the Rams will have an offensive line that's at least passable, but it's unlikely to resemble the one the Rams come to Week 1 with next season; they have two first-round picks in next April's 2013 NFL Draft, and if you believe the pundits they're likely to go hunting for offensive linemen and wide receivers on draft day.

For now, though—well, it beats Wayne Hunter and Robert Turner.