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Chris Givens no sure thing in Week 11 after St. Louis Rams' disciplinary action

Jeff Fisher wouldn't tell the media if the rookie receiver will return for a Week 11 game against the Jets.


After five consecutive games with a reception of 50-or-more yards, Rams wide receiver Chris Givens was de-activated for Sunday's game against the San Francisco 49ers for breaking an unspecified team rule. According to the St. Louis Post-Dispatch, Rams head coach Jeff Fisher wouldn't say Monday if the rookie receiver would return to the field for Week 11 against the Jets:

"It's an issue that's between me and the players, and the club and the players," Fisher said. "They violated rules and I deactivated them. As to whether they play next week or not, I don't know. We'll see."

The Rams didn't have too much trouble moving the ball down the field in his absence, though. During the 24-24 tie, Sam Bradford completed 26-of-39 passes for 275 yards with two touchdowns and no interceptions. Bradford was aided by the return of Danny Amendola from injury as the veteran hauled in 11 passes for 102 yards.

In Amendola's absence, Givens emerged as a deep threat for the Rams and has 333 receiving yards in 2012 with only 13 receptions. The 25.6 yards per reception average is the highest in the NFL among receivers with double-digit receptions.