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Rams vs. Jets: Tim Tebow talk flowers into playing-time rumors as gameday nears

The New York Jets might actually play Tim Tebow, instead of using him to goose the internet's pageview totals, against the St. Louis Rams on Sunday.

Please enjoy this photo of Tim Tebow not playing football.
Please enjoy this photo of Tim Tebow not playing football.

The St. Louis Rams' Week 11 contest with the New York Jets comes as Tim Tebow-gate gets simultaneously reflective--see this Deadspin piece in which the national obsession is blamed, kind of convincingly, as the cause of ESPN's downfall--and relevant to gameday discussion. Which is weird. This Sunday's question, at least, is not whether he'll play but whether he'll play more.

Mike Vorkunov says "yes, maybe" for the Star-Ledger, citing Tebow's actual, honest-to-god passes in last week's blowout loss to the Seattle Seahawks. But he might as well also cite that blowout loss to the Seahawks, while he's at it; at this point it's hard to see throwing more snaps at Mark Sanchez as any more likely to produce a winning season than putting Tebow on the field and satisfying everybody's curiosity again.

In any case, the football player everybody loves to hate themselves for caring about comes to the Edward Jones Dome with the chance of actually taking more than the 10 snaps everyone watched ecstatically last week. This is an improvement. An almost immeasurable improvement, but an improvement.