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Rams vs. Jets schedule: Noon bow for the Rams' post-tie homecoming, National Tebow Party

For the St. Louis Rams and their fans, Sunday at noon CST marks that most rare and ambivalent of homecomings on the NFL schedule: A tie on the road against the best team in your division. It's great to have tied the San Francisco 49ers, but it would have been much greater for them to have not blown all of the chances they had to beat the 49ers. Now the Rams get the reeling New York Jets, and a chance to make things almost-right by blowing America's favorite bad team out of the Edward Jones Dome.

For everybody else in America, Sunday at noon CST marks another chance to talk about Tim Tebow constantly, even though he has yet to succesfully beat out Mark Sanchez on the roster of a team that's not going to come near the postseason. Don't get me wrong: I don't mind Tim Tebow. I think it's great that he has strong beliefs that seem to have made him a good person, and I think it's dumb that we've turned a guy trying very hard (and often awkwardly) to be a good person into a punchline in a league filled with not-very-good people. And he was a great college football player, and an oddly successful quarterback last year, in spite of himself.

But that resume does not deserve the coverage and the attention it's gotten, and that constant attention is good for nobody, least of all Tebow.

It's not as though he's sucking the air out of some other national story about the Rams, though, so I suppose I can't really complain.