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Rams vs. Jets update: Steven Jackson fantasy football renaissance continues in 1st quarter

Steven Jackson gets the bulk of the St. Louis Rams' carries for the second game in a row through the first quarter against the New York Jets.

Jamie McDonald

For a while there it looked, to mortified Steven Jackson fantasy football owners, like the St. Louis Rams were really splitting carries between Jackson and seventh-round pick Daryl Richardson in the first half of the 2012 season. Last Week, in their tie vs. the San Francisco 49ers, Jackson got his first 100-yard game of the season and (maybe more importantly) took more than three times as many carries as Richardson, even though Richardson was on his usual 7-10 carry diet. Sunday, vs. the Jets, we're seeing more of the same: Jackson took six first-quarter carries for 29 yards.

Coming off the bye week the Rams seem to have definitely reoriented around the rush--Jackson's found more playing time even without beating out Richardson for his carries. That's good news for fantasy football owners, but it's also good news for Rams fans; with more and more effective rushing from Jackson the Rams' offense has looked much more consistent, even as the mental mistakes continue. Jackson may be past his prime, but he hasn't yet reached the point where more of him isn't a good thing.

For more score updates, fantasy analysis, and Rams-Jets talk, stay tuned to our SB Nation St. Louis storystream. Midway through the second quarter the Rams lead by a score of 7-3.