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Rams vs. Jets score update: Tim Tebow fake punt blown up as St. Louis foils New York

Tim Tebow's biggest role in the Rams-Jets game so far, as the quarterback of a fake punt attempt, didn't work out as anticipated.

Kevin Casey

Tim Tebow finally had a crucial role in the New York Jets' Week 11 matchup with the St. Louis Rams, and it was on a fake punt that didn't even come close to working out. The Rams sniffed out his fake-punt shovel pass midway through the second quarter before Tebow even got the ball out, and the result was a one yard loss and a turnover on downs. Tebow failed to recognize the Rams' starting defense on the field and was unable to make something happen on the ground.

The Rams, who have used the fake punt to incredible effect on multiple occasions, were the wrong team to try that against, and the result was another ineffectual drive from a Jets offense that has been unable to take advantage of multiple short-yardage opportunities in the Edward Jones Dome.

Mark Sanchez, through a quarter-and-a-half, is 6-for-9 for 54 yards as the starting quarterback for the Jets; Tebow has, in addition to his failed fake punt,one carry for a single yard. For more updates on the Rams and the Jets and even Tim Tebow, stay tuned to SB Nation St. Louis's storystream.