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Jets vs. Rams score update: Mark Sanchez pushes past Tim Tebow with solid half

Mark Sanchez and the New York Jets finally get on the board with a touchdown pass after Sam Bradford's fumble.

David Welker

The New York Jets were unable to take advantage of a Sam Bradford interception in St. Louis Rams territory when Nick Folk's punt was blocked, but when they forced his fumble deep in Rams territory in the second quarter they finally took advantage. Mark Sanchez got the 25-yard touchdown on a perfect strike to Chaz Schilens; it was just his 11th touchdown of the season and his first since October 28.

Coming as it does in a game where Tim Tebow's primary contribution has been an awful fake punt attempt, the return to form, such as it is, is great news for Mark Sanchez and bad news for all the national fans watching this in hopes of a glimpse of Tebow-mania.

It's not what Mark Sanchez has done, Sunday, so much as what he hasn't. Sanchez hasn't been great, but he hasn't made any horrible, game-changing mistakes. And that kind of risk-aversion is all he's going to need to show he can do to keep hold of a Jets quarterback job that's been notable mostly for how little every contestant seems to really want it.