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Danny Amendola injury: St. Louis Rams star leaves Jets game as 1st half sputters closed

Danny Amendola injury problems strike again.


Danny Amendola injury problems came to the fore yet again when the St. Louis Rams receiver tripped himself up during an ineffectual second-quarter drive and limped off the field under his own power as the Rams' punt team came onto the field. It's the second game in a row in which Amendola has missed the end of the first half, but this one doesn't appear to be a recurrence of the collarbone problem that cost him a few games early; it's a right foot issue.

Like the rest of the Rams offense, Amendola looked strong on their opening drive and mostly invisible thereafter. He's got four receptions for 16 yards so far, after putting together one of his best games of the season in his initial return from the collarbone injury against the San Francisco 49ers.

On the season he's got 47 receptions for 513 yards and two touchdowns; when he's been healthy this year he's proven himself to be something more than the security blanket he was in Sam Bradford's rookie season back in 2010. Unfortunately, he hasn't always been healthy; he missed 15 of 16 games back in 2011 after a dislocated elbow never quite healed.

We'll update here as soon as we know more about Amendola's future.