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Jets vs. Rams score update: New York takes 20-7 lead as St. Louis collapses

Mark Sanchez and the New York Jets came into the Edward Jones Dome as underdogs, and Sam Bradford and the St. Louis Rams came into the Edward Jones Dome after a heartening, if slightly disappointing, tie against the San Francisco 49ers. Narrative update: Through three quarters, though, Mark Sanchez has overcome the Tim Tebow sideshow and Bradford and company are getting booed by the optimistic St. Louis faithful. The Rams trail the Jets, going into the fourth quarter, by a score of 20-7.

The Jets, still on pace to set an all-time record for ESPN coverage to wins ratio, have looked like a perfectly competent football team against the Rams. The Rams, meanwhile, have looked like nothing much at all since a solid first drive. Sam Bradford has been unable to move the ball and everyone's been turning the ball over--turning the ball over enough, even, for the Jets to take advantage of it.

With 10 minutes left to go the Rams are down two scores on the Jets. And however good Sam Bradford's been in fourth quarters this year, it's hard to imagine this team scoring ever again, let alone today.