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Danny Amendola injury problems strike again in St. Louis Rams' loss to New York Jets

The St. Louis Rams have Danny Amendola back after a collarbone injury cost him three games, but he's missed parts of his first two games back with various maladies.

Dilip Vishwanat

There's "returned from injury," and then there's "healthy." Oftentimes these are used interchangeably. and most of those oftentimes that's not a big deal. But Danny Amendola--Danny Amendola has returned from injury. Since coming back from a collarbone issue with a big game against the San Francisco 49ers Amendola has been both returned and injured, often simultaneously. Against the New York Jets on Sunday, Amendola left briefly with a foot problem and limped around with what appeared to be a collarbone reaggravation; those were wrapped around seven receptions for 41 yards, a rather low-key, 2010-style performance.

Before this year Danny Amendola was the Rams' No. 1 wide receiver by default because he wasn't actually very good--he was sure-handed and dependable, but he wasn't going to put a lot of points on the board by himself. Now Danny Amendola is the Rams' No. 1 wide receiver by default because he's shown off big-play ability but also can't stay on the field.

It's one thing to be out, but it's another, maybe scarier thing to be constantly missing pieces of games. Amendola's been perfectly solid since coming back, but he's done a Danario Alexander-like job of being perennially on the precipice of being hurt.