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St. Louis Rams Real Talk: What do we have to look forward to?

Depressing times in Ram Land. The Jets came limping into town and the Rams got PWND. You're forgiven if PTSD flashbacks of the Steve Spagnuolo era crept into your Sunday.

Dilip Vishwanat

How does one measure irrelevance?

Because if Las Vegas is any indication, the St. Louis Rams have it in gobs.

NFL Sundays in Vegas are a big deal. Fans from all over the country go hair of the dog @ 10 a.m., getting up (or not going to sleep) before mixing in a little gambling with their football. With the Cowboys and Packers both playing early games, I figured it might be hard to get a good screen featuring two losing teams.

Bar 1: If you want that game, head to a sports book.

Bar 2: If it becomes close, we'll go to it.

Bar 3: Okay, but only in the front bar, and you have to pay $30/hr for a table fee.

But Hooks, NEW YAAARK. They've got a big fanbase. Surely they would be pulling rank.

Jets Fan in Bar 3 with 8:00 left in Q4: "Can we turn this game to the Packers?"


Even Jets fans weren't really excited about this win. Hell, I think a good amount of them wanted the Jets to lose, so they could have epileptic fits about losing to the Rams. Bart Scott's failed media boycott was of more interest to everyone following Gang Green than the game itself.

Here we are again. Five-game winless streak. Unsold tickets. No juice and no real meat on the bone, so to speak, in terms of things to get excited about.

Defense? Tied a 50-year-old record for the most consecutive games without causing a turnover (five).

Offense? One pump chumps, again scoring on the first drive (3rd game in a row) and then rolling over and going to sleep... leaving us all very unsatisfied.

What are we doing here, men?

I guess that's what it comes back to. We thought we were getting a ball-hawking, shit-talking, after the whistle-hitting defense that was going to punch people in the mouths.

Instead, a QB on the ropes comes into STL and pwns us.

The Rams were overmatched, undercoached and totally lethargic coming off an inspired tie the previous week in San Francisco. Resting on your laurels would suggest the Rams had earned some. But their record says otherwise.

The worst part is there doesn't seem to be improvement.

We knew this wasn't going to be a playoff team. But even if the Rams were out of it by Week 10, we were hopeful that they'd A) be in every game in the 4th quarter and B) be a team that no team with playoff aspirations wanted to see on their schedule.

Take the Chiefs out of the equation... is there any other team the rest of the NFL would want to play more right now? That's the litmus test. And the Rams fail. They're the chum in the water right now.

Plus, the franchise has gone all-in on Sam Bradford.

Take all of your money. All of your assets. Everything you can put a value on and say that number to yourself. Now I make you an offer: if the Rams win a Super Bowl with Sam Bradford as the QB, you triple that number. If they don't, then you pay me a thousand bucks.

Would you do it? What if I changed it to 'win a playoff game', would you do it then?

They seem to have confidence in Sam. But week after week I keep waiting for the seventh highest paid player in the NFL to make something happen. You know, like that last minute TD strike Aaron Rogers had in his game against the Lions. But week after week, we keep getting average to below average quarterbacking.

When can we expect our super star player to rise above and make a win happen when it shouldn't. Isn't that what the great ones do?

It's frustrating.

The Rams started out the season strong. Got people excited about the NFL in St. Louis again. Didn't even have to beg friends to go to a game with me for the first time in years. But with Thanksgiving on the horizon, the Rams have been exposed.

Even worse, heading in the wrong direction.


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Go home, Joe. You're drunk.


This was not me. And I'd like to know where he was sitting and shake his hand.


Well said Josh, I guess last week was 'good enough' for the Rams.


What does this even mean? Are the Rams Shotty? Is that 'shitty' mis-spelled? Is he calling the Rams shitty? Nevermind. He's probably right, whatever smack he's talking.



Record: 3-6-1

Real Meter: (Where we project the Rams win total for the year): 4