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New York Jets beat St. Louis Rams, noted hated ex-coordinator Brian Schottenheimer

The New York Jets beat up on the St. Louis Rams and their ineffective offense, validating a crusty old Brian Schottenheimer narrative.

The Star-Ledger-US PRESSWIRE

I've heard many fine things about Gang Green Nation, SB Nation's New York Jets blog, but I had no idea they could predict the future. In their evocatively titled "talking points announcers will beat into the ground today" post, Sunday, GGN managed to nail every last predictable announcer talking point. But instead of leading with ESPN's national Tim Tebow fun-stravaganza, they used a more locally appropriate chestnut: Brian Schottenheimer, the St. Louis Rams' marginally popular offensive coordinator, was once the Jets' deeply unpopular offensive coordinator.

Jets fans got the better of the arrangement on Sunday: Not only did Mark Sanchez (announcer trope No. 2) have a fine game, but the Rams' offense looked as bad as it has all season, with gratuitous turnovers everywhere and Sam Bradford combining inefficiency and tentativeness as only Marc Bulger could manage.

So you win this round,Gang Green Nation, though I think I'll have to defer to Turf Show Times for the final ruling on account of SB Nation's federalist constitution. Of all their announcer talking points, I think the Rams only got the better of one. (Thanks, Jason Smith. I knew we could count on you.)