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Jets vs. Rams, Week 11: St. Louis out-coached in loss to New York

St. Louis Rams fans over at Turf Show Times are unhappy with the coaching staff following St. Louis' Week 11 loss to New York, saying that Jeff Fisher's staff was out-planned in the loss.

Dilip Vishwanat

The St. Louis Rams fell to 3-6 on the season on Sunday, after losing to the New York Jets, 27-13.

As one might imagine, Rams fans were displeased with the game on Sunday, especially since the Rams were coming off a hard fought tie against the San Francisco 49ers -- one of the best teams in the entire NFL.

Over at Turf Show Times, SB Nation's St. Louis Rams blog, Rams fans voiced their displeasure after the game, and even called out the coaching staff for being out-coached by one of the worst staffs in the NFL.

The Rams coaching staff was out-planned, out-adjusted, and down right embarrassed by one of the worst coaching staffs in the NFL. YES, I think Jeff Fisher has done wonders so far, but the number of mistakes this team makes every week fall squarely on in their laps. Fisher himself said in his TV show last week that a certain point, if a player keeps making mistakes, it's the fault of he and his staff as much as the players. While the penalty numbers were down, the negative turnover ratio is climbing. The defense acts like a ship without a rudder at times, and the play calling by Brian Schottenheimer was flat out bewildering Sunday. Bad, bad-bad! If I were giving a single grade for the coaching staff as a whole today, it would be a D-.

In the loss, the Rams committed only three penalties, and were outgained only in total yards, 289-281. Still, the Rams committed three turnovers, without forcing a single Jets turnover, and that could easily be seen as the difference in the game.

Fisher's coaching staff and the Rams will have a chance to change their fortune next weekend, when St. Louis heads to Arizona to take on the Arizona Cardinals.