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St. Louis Rams' offensive line is finally complete ahead of Week 12 vs. Arizona

The St. Louis Rams activated Scott Wells ahead of Week 12 against the Arizona Cardinals, which means their second-biggest free agent acquisition might actually play.

Will Robert Turner be out of a job when Week 12 rolls around?
Will Robert Turner be out of a job when Week 12 rolls around?

The St. Louis Rams spent a lot of time and money attempting to upgrade their offensive line ahead of Jeff Fisher's first season (and Sam Bradford's third), but aside from a few minutes during the first week of the season they've never had the group they hoped for on the field at the same time. That could change Sunday, now that the Rams have activated Pro Bowl center Scott Wells, out since Week 1 with a fractured foot.

Turf Show Times has some analysis on what his return will mean for the Rams, including what this means for Robert Turner and who should hit the bench when Wells returns.

If he plays--his return to the roster was required by NFL rules, but no confirmation that he's ready--he'll join Rodger Saffold, recently recovered from some early injuries of his own, on an o-line that will at least look like it was supposed to, even if it inspires little fear in the heart of the average defensive tackle. The unfortunate fact about this offensive line is that it's good enough to be a marked improvement over last year's model, but not quite good enough for us to finally figure out whether the problem is Sam Bradford or Sam Bradford's supporting cast.