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Danny Amendola injury: Walking boot the latest St. Louis Rams have to feel unthankful about

The St. Louis Rams' leading wide receiver missed practice for the second straight day on Thanksgiving. Another Danny Amendola injury could mean Black Sunday.

David Welker

The Danny Amendola injury drama continued in earnest over Thanksgiving, as the St. Louis Rams' No. 1 wide receiver missed his second practice in a row after appearing, Wednesday, in a walking boot. Thursday morning we asked whether the Rams could trust Danny Amendola to be their top receiver, given his inability to stay on the field for even a full game at a time; Friday morning we're left asking whether the Rams will even be able to trust Danny Amendola to play Sunday against the Arizona Cardinals.

He'll probably be listed as questionable again when the injury report comes out--as he has been since the Rams' loss to the New England Patriots in London--but given his total lack of participation so far this looks like a much "harder" questionable than the almost pathological one Jeff Fisher gave him before games against the San Francisco 49ers and New York Jets.

The Rams' problems at wide receiver are myriad enough already, with rooke Brian Quick off to a slow start and veteran Steve Smith completely invisible, but if they really won't be able to count on Amendola consistently it seems likelier than ever that they'll spend one of their two 2013 NFL Draft first-rounders on another offensive weapon for Sam Bradford.