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Steven Jackson injury: St. Louis Rams back returns to practice, so at least one thing has gone right

The St. Louis Rams' suddenly revitalized running back has returned to practice, which is one piece of good news in an increasingly rotten second half.

David Welker

Steven Jackson was the only functioning piece of the St. Louis Rams' offense in San Francisco and against the New York Jets, so consider one small disaster averted after he returned to practice Thursday, following a missed practice Wednesday that Jeff Fisher characterized as a day off.

After a half-season in the shadow of trade rumors and the emergence of rookie Daryl Richardson, Jackson broke 100 yards and finally reestablished himself as an every-down back during the Rams' tie game. His renaissance continued (when little else did) against the Jets; before the Rams' general offensive inadequacy forced them into the air he mustered up 81 yards on just 13 carries. He's still not on pace for 1000 yards, which would make this the first full season in his career he's missed the mark, but his pace now is all the way up to 936.

Things aren't looking any better for this year's team or his future with the Rams, so it's a bit of a false dawn. For now, though, the injury bug averted, Steven Jackson is back where we've come to expect him: at the center of a barely functional offense.