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Is Danny Amendola injury prone? The St. Louis Rams had better find out

Should the St. Louis Rams be worried about Danny Amendola going forward?

David Welker

It's been a weird season for Danny Amendola. Injury concerns have come to the fore at the same moment he's established himself as the St. Louis Rams' best wide receiver. Now, even as everyone seems to agree about his talent, the debate has turned to whether the Rams can trust him going forward: Danny Amendola looks like a No. 1 wide receiver now, but what will he be tomorrow? We wrote up the don't-trust-him side a few days ago.

Now Turf Show Times has an excellent post suggesting we look at the record more closely. (WARNING: They also headed the photo with that picture from last year of Amendola's elbow pointing in a completely wrong and pretty off-putting direction.) I basically agree with their conclusions, at least for now: These are mostly freak injuries, although we should keep in mind that playing like Amendola plays probably increases his chances of accruing freak injuries.

In any case, with Amendola doubtful for Sunday, it looks like we'll again find ourselves confronted against our wills with what this Rams team would look like without Danny Amendola. The apparent gruesomeness of that picture is what makes questions like this one academic as things stand today.