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Brandon GIbson fantasy football profile rises again with Danny Amendola's injury

The St. Louis Rams trust Brandon Gibson, which puts him ahead of most Rams receivers with Danny Amendola injured again.

David Welker

Danny Amendola injury cycles: The only time people ever find themselves considering Brandon Gibson's fantasy football value. With Amendola doubtful again following a foot injury in the St. Louis Rams' loss to the New York Jets, Gibson, the Rams' only other veteran receiver of note (sorry Steve Smith), is again a reasonable choice for desperate fantasy football players who'd been relying on the Rams' No. 1.

Of course, it's important to keep in mind who you're dealing with here. Gibson's two touchdowns on Sunday didn't just help him exceed his career high for touchdowns in a season, they matched it--it was two before, back in 2010. They also came at the goal line, so he finished with three receptions for nine yards. He's a solid reserve receiver who combines flashes of big-play talent with intermittent, enormously boneheaded mistakes.

On the Rams, of course, that makes him a starter, and one of the longest-tenured ones on the team. His targets bounced up a little the last time Amendola went out, and those two goal-line tosses were a major show of trust from a team that's had a lot of trouble there, so he's a vaguely palatable option if vaguely palatable is the best you can do this time of year.