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Rams vs. Cardinals: Danny Amendola injury leaves St. Louis almost certainly shorthanded

Danny Amendola is doubtful, leaving the St. Louis Rams on the ropes already against the Arizona Cardinals.

Dilip Vishwanat

Danny Amendola, noted injury denier, won't want to believe it, but he St. Louis Rams have labeled their top wide receiver doubtful for Sunday's afternoon game against the Arizona Cardinals. The foot injury he suffered against the New York Jets didn't seem serious at the time--he stayed in the game--but he didn't practice all week, and the 25-percent-chance his injury report designation suggests he has seems a little optimistic, this morning.

Here's what we're left with, knowing that: Brandon GIbson is a not-unreasonable-but-not-quite-reasonable fantasy football replacement, if you're desperate. Danny Amendola might be injury prone, but might not be, while we're at it. And the Rams might be able to get by without Danny Amendola, but that sort of thing hasn't gone very well so far this year.

Things are nebulous, like they have been all season for Jeff Fisher's first Rams team, but they're trending--doubtful. Against the reeling Jets the Rams had a chance to establish themselves as a team on the rise. Against the reeling Cardinals the reeling Rams have a chance to establish themselves as a team that's not about to fall apart without its best wide receiver.